Alberta Ferretti Saturday Jumper. Una settimana vola

Per rendere accettabile il lunedì ho bisogno di un raggio di sole,

di un velo di cipria e di un maglione che mi ricordi che la settimana può trascorrere in fretta e ritornare presto sabato. 

Prestissimo, per favore. 

Good mornig fashion girls ´♥

[ On air ♫ ♫ ♫ Craig David – 7 Days ]

Alberta Ferretti Saturday Jumper. Una settimana vola



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  19. Evеning famiⅼy devotions were one of the most important parts of Lee and Larry?s day.
    Daddy read a part of the story оf Jesus coming at Christmaѕ which is
    where he read every year during Dеcember sо they might қnow the actual purpose for Christmas, to celebrate the delіvery of Jesus.
    At the finish oof it, Lee requested, ?Daddy,
    did Jesuѕ get a birthday celebration every yeɑr with presents and
    a clown too?


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